How to Fight Fatigue While Driving Over the Road

Fatigue is dangerous for every driver, but can be fatal for truck drivers. Exhaustion slows down your reactions and can often impair your judgment without you even knowing. We have heard our graduates tell us some interesting tricks to staying awake such as putting rocks in your shoes so the uncomfortable feeling keeps you up, or having a cold rag to put on your face to shock you awake. Some common signs of fatigue are:

–          Tiredness or sleepiness
–          Irritability
–          Loss of appetite
–          Digestive problems
–          Increased susceptibility to illness

To avoid fatigue and stay alert:

–          Drink water instead of coffee
–          Exercise regularly, even if it’s a 20 minute brisk walk
–          Maintain a healthy diet; choose foods rich in fiber and antioxidants (sugar is tempting for the spike in energy, but you’ll just crash harder later)
–          Do not multi-task while driving, keep your eyes on the road!
–          Listen to your body, it knows when it’s tired and needs rest

These may work temporarily, but in the end it is rest, diet and exercise that are the best things for your body, in and out of the truck. Take care of your body and you’ll be less stressed, more alert and feeling great. You’ll be able to tackle any challenge the road throws at you. Check out for great tips for trucker specific exercise, meal ideas and support.

Graduate Plans to Be Owner-Operator

Congratulations to Marine James Truitt for completing his training and obtaining his CDL! “The [DMV] examiner told me I did really good– ‘[one of the] better drivers I’ve seen,'” he quoted them.

Before coming to CCS, he was looking at another local school. James mentioned the amount of time between starting class and actually stepping into a truck. “I would have had to wait… almost a month. I didn’t really want to wait that long,” so he decided to come to CCS since we put our students in our trucks right away. “I would tell anybody that wants to drive truck or bus about CCS.”

We talked to him about his future plans now that the course is over. “I get out in May, ” expressing his eagerness to drive over the road, “I wish it was sooner! […] My dad owns two nice, nice fancy trucks.” They’re selling one and the other one would be used by the both of them as owner-operators doing team driving. “I’m really excited– I grew up with this,” saying that his dad has been in the trucking industry since James was very young. Since then, he said, “Drive [a] truck, that’s what I want to do.”

Once again, congratulations to James and we wish him well once he starts over the road with his family’s business!

OTR for CCS Military

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