Commercial Bus Program

Our Commercial Bus program is a 2 week course (full time):
Students will receive training for their Class B license with passenger endorsement to include airbrakes. This training will prepare graduates to work as a bus driver.

The primary objective is to prepare graduates for an entry level position in the transportation industry as a Class B Commercial Bus Driver. The student will be taught the FMCSR rules and regulations, operational aspects, trip planning, map reading, and public and employee relations.

Students train on full size equipment so our graduates are prepared to work for a major carrier. We have 40’ coach bus which can hold up to 47 passengers.

Typical positions for graduates include:
Cross Country Driver, Team Driver, Intrastate Driver

We have a Bus Class starting this Monday and our classes reoccur as often as every 4 weeks.

Let’s schedule a school visit to get you started for our next class available.
•We will discuss your career and training goals as well as go over the program in detail to make sure it fits your needs.
•We will also discuss placement assistance and the specific jobs we can help you with at graduation.
•Then finish up with discussing funding options that may be available to you to help cover the cost of your tuition.

Gabby Stokes Earns Bus License

We just had a moment to catch up with Michel’la Gabby Stokes, our recent bus graduate, as she shared her thoughts about her training. She wrote, “CCS had the best ratings and reviews when I was doing research on what school to go to. I am so happy to say that the reviews were wrong… That school was better than what they said =)”

Gabby talked about the hurdles she pushed through. “The one issue I had is the school was a little far and gas was crazy but now that I’ve graduated, it was more than worth it. My training is already doing what I wanted it to which is to open up multiple new opportunities to support myself well into the future. [...] When Adam taught me how to parallel park and I actually did it right was one of my happiest moments at this school.” She also added, “It was hard at first to see out of the bus mirrors and tell what I was looking at but Donnavin told me to stick with it and not let it discourage me and that I would get used to it and he was right.”

“I was surprised how soon we got to hop in and drive the buses. [...] This school truly is training us students for success in their areas of interest. [...] CCS is absolutely worth the time to consider if you’re looking to further your education.”

We asked Gabby what she is up to now. She replied, “I am now looking for a job with confidence and have already been offered one!”

She last said that, “Classes are small, the instructors are knowledgeable, and it’s affordable!”

Once again, we want to congratulate Gabby for completing her bus driving license with us and we appreciated her enthusiasm all the way through. We love to have great students like her! We wish her well in all of her future endeavors.

Graduates Show Off Their New Vehicles

Throughout the years, CCS graduates have sent us tons of photos and dropped by our schools just to show the vehicles they worked so hard to drive. All of these students passed their CDL test, found work, and now have the new wheels to show for it. We’ve filled our Facebook page with as many as we can and it looks like more and more students will be dropping by in the near future.

From firefighters, coil tube operators in the oil industry, a pizza business owner operator, motor coach drivers, to fuel transporters and even more in between, our graduates completed the training that ultimately landed them these jobs.

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Graduate Joseph Lettier Gets His Truck and Bus License

Congratulations to Joseph Lettier for graduating with his commercial truck and bus driver license! He had a few things to share with us after passing both of his driving tests. Class isn’t easy– he told us, “Biggest moment… when Ward just keep going over skills and didn’t move on till I got it and Ryan when he didn’t let me move on with driving till I got it– seemed to me that they cared about my success.” Our Twentynine Palms instructors Ward and Ryan, he described, were “friendly, cool, and knowledgeable.”

He came to CCS because “it [...] seemed to be more of a firm school than *** and the credit hours for college. [...] They offer more in friendship and training offers than any other school.”

Once again, congratulations to Joseph for getting his unrestricted class A with passenger endorsement! We are always here to assist in any of your CDL job searches even years from now.

Jeremy Crowe Shares His Training Experience

We want to congratulate Jeremy Crowe on his successful completion of the CDL course, obtaining both his class A and passenger endorsement!

“The instructors spent a lot of time preparing us. I noticed that there was a huge difference at the DMV between CCS and other schools. I am thankful CCS was located outside the base allowing me the time to complete this course,” Jeremy told us. “The thing that stands out the most is the quality of drivers after this course. [...] Just followed the instructions by the instructors. They made it really easy to learn.”

At the DMV, Jeremy with graduates Ruben and Jacob after obtaining their passenger endorsement

He added, “Students are not rushed and are given all they need to be successful. We were not given a couple classes and sent to DMV for failure. We practice then have to test out with the instructor prior to DMV.”

Right now, Jeremy is looking into a career with one of the employers that has hired many of our military graduates out of the state. “From my experience and seeing other schools,” he said last, “I wouldn’t suggest anyone but CCS.”

Hugo Barron Builds His Career

Our graduate Hugo Barron got his truck and bus driver licenses and began working in a matter of a few months!

Weeks ago, he told our placement coordinator Marcelle Gerard, “I’ve decided to take ***** up on his offer. Training starts Nov. 28th. I’d like to thank you guys for being the stepping stone between my military service and my next career move.”

For Hugo, Marcelle wanted to share, “It is not often that someone’s first interaction with a company is in person and not through an online application. Upon first being introduced to this hiring company, Hugo met the recruiting manager who would be one of the deciding factors affecting his offer of employment.” This was at a presentation made just for our students and graduates.

“It’s personal right from the beginning,” Marcelle continued. “This company gets the feel for you in person as opposed to just looking at a resume. We are appreciative of the visits that they make to provide presentations and chances for meeting our students. Without this opportunity, our students succeed with less limitations for their future. I am so happy that Hugo has found a home with this company and that we were able to support him along his own path to success!”

She touched base with him shortly after and Hugo replied, “Everything is going great! I’m in my 2nd week of training. It’s almost unreal how well they value their workers. Met the company president. [...] The compensation for our hard work is generous and benefits are excellent. It’s hard work but worth every bit of it. The promotions are there all it takes is time and hard work. I have full intentions on making this a career. “

Vanessa Lands Another Job!

After returning from 3 months of the mentor program with a trucking carrier, Vanessa Abdin landed another job locally! “I just enjoyed the driving!” she explained to us. Over the duration of her time, she saw Georgia, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and all over the Midwest. “I finally got to see all over my home state!” Vanessa is from Texas. The most beautiful thing she saw was the Rocky Mountains, she described to us. “It’s a whole new world!”

“This will probably crack Ken up but she said I was a natural at backing up!” Vanessa mentioned what her mentor said about her driving.

Now she’s working for school services driving a bus locally to help disabled children. She went on her own to obtain a passenger endorsement and picked up the job recently. On top of that requirement, her class A license made her competitive among the rest of the applicants. It is also getting her higher wages than those without the class A license at her company. “Having a clean record really helps,” added Vanessa. “I feel so good about this bus driving.”

“Ken,” she told her CCS instructor, “you’d be so proud of me, I can drive anything now!” He said, “You’ll never forget what you experienced out there.”

“I’d do it again, thank you,” she replied.

Vanessa’s first story: Pre-Hired Before Completing