James and Shannon Ozuna Get Their CDLs

Congratulations to the Ozunas! California Career School would like to formally congratulate James and Shannon Ozuna on their recent achievement of obtaining their CDLs. They are one of many other husband and wife students CCS has trained. The couple took a moment of their time to share their experience with us.

As to the reasoning behind choosing to attend CCS, James conveys, ” We look at multiple schools prior to CCS and found them to be lacking the profesionalism and positive energy that CCS could provide. We definitely made the right choice!”

” I was pleasantly surprised with how much I was taught. Other schools did not offer as much training and hands on experience with the driving or truck its self. CCS really helped prepare me for what I would be facing in the industry. A much higher pass rate than other schools,” Shannon replied in response to what surprised her most about the school.

“Good professional people interested in your success,” is what James found to be the most valuable asset of California Career School. Shannon relays, “Helping students succeed!,” is what she found most valuable.

In terms of the future, the couple plans to secure a team driving position.

Timothy Gaddis Reaches Success


Timothy Gaddis is a proud recent graduate of  California Career School. Timothy took a moment to share his experience with us.

“…Heard through buddies [it had] great training, great staff, [and] fun to be around,” says Timothy on why he chose CCS.

When Gaddis described his training he relayed, “My confidence level at the beginning was down but with help and support I received from staff I’ve come a long way and now [feel] comfortable operating rigs. Parallel park[ing], just couldn’t achieve it, Bailey (one of our 29 Palms instructors) worked 3 hours until I had it down.”

“Flexibility with schedule,” is what he says he finds most valuable about the school. CCS offers flexibility with training in regards to accommodating to a hectic military schedule. We offer training schedules that include nights and weekends so that our students can properly train.

As for his future, Gaddis shares, “Get out of [the] Marines, move, take over [the] world one truck/mile at a time.”

We want to wish Timothy all the best of luck and congratulate him on his outstanding achievement of obtaining his CDL.

Graduate Joseph Lettier Gets His Truck and Bus License

Congratulations to Joseph Lettier for graduating with his commercial truck and bus driver license! He had a few things to share with us after passing both of his driving tests. Class isn’t easy– he told us, “Biggest moment… when Ward just keep going over skills and didn’t move on till I got it and Ryan when he didn’t let me move on with driving till I got it– seemed to me that they cared about my success.” Our Twentynine Palms instructors Ward and Ryan, he described, were “friendly, cool, and knowledgeable.”

He came to CCS because “it […] seemed to be more of a firm school than *** and the credit hours for college. […] They offer more in friendship and training offers than any other school.”

Once again, congratulations to Joseph for getting his unrestricted class A with passenger endorsement! We are always here to assist in any of your CDL job searches even years from now.

Carlos Casarez Plans His New Career

Carlos Casarez graduated with his class A license from our Twentynine Palms training location. “CCS had an outstanding reputation on base for being better than the competition– which is why I chose it,” he told us.

“I’m getting out of the Marine Corps active duty, and was looking for a solid back up plan for the future but with as many opportunities as I found out a driver with a CDL has, it slowly became my primary plan.”

When Carlos described his training, he shared, “A light bulb moment for [me] has to have been each time I drove because [instructor] Ward always complemented me on my improvements which I believe helped out the most […] Ward always helped me each step of the way, which led me to not have any difficulties.”

“CCS works around our schedule, which as a Marine is very helpful because each day is very different.” For active duty military, CCS offers a flexible training schedule which includes nights and weekends in order to help prioritize military duties.

“Don’t hesitate, CCS is a very great school who is flexible with your schedule,” Carlos last told us.

Once again, we would like to congratulate Carlos on his successful completion of the course and we wish him well in his future endeavors.

Contact our representatives today at (800) 499-6585 to get more information about our commercial driver course!

Jeremy Crowe Shares His Training Experience

We want to congratulate Jeremy Crowe on his successful completion of the CDL course, obtaining both his class A and passenger endorsement!

“The instructors spent a lot of time preparing us. I noticed that there was a huge difference at the DMV between CCS and other schools. I am thankful CCS was located outside the base allowing me the time to complete this course,” Jeremy told us. “The thing that stands out the most is the quality of drivers after this course. […] Just followed the instructions by the instructors. They made it really easy to learn.”

At the DMV, Jeremy with graduates Ruben and Jacob after obtaining their passenger endorsement

He added, “Students are not rushed and are given all they need to be successful. We were not given a couple classes and sent to DMV for failure. We practice then have to test out with the instructor prior to DMV.”

Right now, Jeremy is looking into a career with one of the employers that has hired many of our military graduates out of the state. “From my experience and seeing other schools,” he said last, “I wouldn’t suggest anyone but CCS.”

YPIC Grad Kenneth Burkart Lands a Job

Kenneth Burkart obtained both his commercial class A license and passenger endorsement from our Yuma, AZ training site and finished off our program with a new driving career. He said, “I was looking for something to get me outside and the ability to move around.”

“When deciding which school I wanted to go to, I made it a point to stop and talk with the instructor,” shared Kenneth. “[My instructor] showed me he was dedicated to his students and took their education very seriously.”

The Yuma Private Industry Council (YPIC) “is a private non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide job seeker and employer services in the Yuma County labor market.” Through the YPIC program, job seekers may receive the resources needed to help them get back on their feet into the labor market.

By going through CCS and YPIC, Kenneth’s hard work enabled him to find his career with a transportation company. We wish him luck in all of his future endeavors.

Blake Townsend Talks About His Training

“The instructors make learning to drive an enjoyable experience,” shared 29 Palms Marine graduate Blake Townsend. His challenge, he said, was, “learn to drive a 10 speed big rig. [My instructor] taught me how to do that to the best of his ability.”

Blake went on to describe his instructors as, “Professional, informational, entertaining– [they] make learning fun.”

One of Blake’s difficulties was, “taking the tight right turn at 62 and Adobe. Plenty of practice makes that turn easy now.” Students spend the majority of their time in one of our trucks–this exposure to real city driving and the skills yard is what prepares students for their final test at the DMV. “Passing my class A driving test was my proudest moment,” Blake proclaimed. He also said, “I never would have thought I would have to parallel park a semi. But I can!”

Now that he has obtained his class A driver’s license and passenger endorsement, he told us about his plans. “I will go home to Oklahoma and drive for ******* hauling gravel and concrete.”

We congratulate Blake for his successful completion of the course and we wish him well in all of his future endeavors!

Marine Graduates With Career Options

USMC Nickey Wheeler graduated from our course and obtained the unrestricted class A license with passenger endorsement!

“A buddy of mine told me about the course, so we came out and talked with Instructor Ward. Ward gave me information on the course and walked me through the tuition assistance program. So with a positive impression about the school I decided to spend the Marine Corps’ money for something positive.”

“[I] got a lot of options,” Nick said. It could be jumping into the truck driving over the road or going back home to get his associate’s degree in criminal justice to become a state trooper. He is currently a military police officer and security and commercial truck knowledge packs a powerful combo. “Just one more thing on my resume!”

For the holidays he wants to spend time with his family and kids. He told us what his kids thought about him being a truck driver, “[My son] thinks it’s pretty neat!” Nick said he would definitely have him sit in the cab, “He’d get a kick out of it!”

We asked him: what did you immediately want to do? “Relax a bit,” he told us, “then hit the ground running again.” Now that he has many options for his career, we wish him luck in all of his future endeavors. Congrats again Nick!

Zachary Baker Graduates from Twentynine Palms

Zachary Baker just graduated from our Twentynine Palms training site. At the DMV, he told us, “I was all ready to go—all my belongings in my car.” Zachary found out about us at TAP class. TAP class stands for “Transition Assistance Program” and is intended for individuals like Zach who will be leaving the Marines soon. Our trucking class was presented and he thought, “Why not go and try and better myself?” and “Well, that sounds like a good thing!”


He was nervous about his final test since he had planned to immediately take off. “I was scared, I thought I was going to fail.” However, with the teachings of his instructor, the test was no problem. “[My instructor] was always trying to teach us. He never stopped talking,” Zachary laughed.

Right now he is in Michigan waiting for his California CDL to transfer over. He has been applying for jobs and is about to begin working with the CCS placement department to see what else is out there.

Once again, we want to congratulate Zachary for his successful completion of the course and we hope to work together with him to find just the right job that he’s looking for!

Brian Expands His Business After Obtaining CDL

Congratulations to Mr. Brian Ellis for graduating recently! “My training’s purpose,” he said when he first visited, “was to expand my business […]. Through the great teaching of my instructor, I finished my training in half of the time [enabling] me to get back to Fedex and start expanding right away!”


“The first time I went out on the street, [I] was very nervous but through the great teaching and confidence [that] my teacher had in me, I overcame it all and was successful. […] Just wanted to learn as much as I could.”

Brian’s plans now are “to expand my [ground business] into line haul side of the business. Also to support my fleet of package trucks with my tractor.”

We asked him what he wanted to share with any prospective students that wanted to get their CDL at California Career School. Brian replied, “Training is exceptional– [you are] confident when you go to the DMV and [you get] a great start in an ever growing field. Great experience I will never forget!”

Once again, congratulations Brian and we wish you well in your endeavors and for the continuing growth of your driving business!