‘Truck Driving School Orange County CA’

Girly Driver

“I am very girly,” explained Natalie Jasso-Padilla, 2010 graduate from the CCS commercial truck and bus training program. We asked her, why get… 2

Trucking Student Pushes His Limits to Succeed

Jose Hunter endured daily hurdles that other students did not experience. His living arrangements and travel distance often made it difficult to meet… 0

Driver Shortage

The American Trucking Association (ATA) is expecting long-haul driver positions to rise to 111,000 openings by the year 2014. Quality in training has… 1

Pre-Hired Before Completing

Before she enrolled, Vanessa Abdin had been showing interest in our commercial truck driver program. Her three daughters were all grown, their children… 1

How to Choose a Trucking School

Ever thought about getting your class A license to drive a truck? If the answer is yes, make sure you’re going to a… 0

Mr. Cross Country– Timothy Flacy

Over a matter of 4 weeks, Timothy Flacy has traveled through nearly 30 states of the continental US. When we met with him… 2

Kicking Off CCS Job Fair

Two buses full of students, alumni, and Marines came from our Twentynine Palms and Oceanside training sites to sit in on three major… 0

Graduate Videos: Vanessa and Joseph

Watch two short videos on what Joseph Cabral and Vanessa Abdin had to say on the day that they passed their CDL tests… 0

OTR for CCS Military

For CCS students only– immediate need for class A drivers with military experience! Click here for more information on this job order or… 0

CRST: Their Experience with CCS & Their Job Openings

“CRST is experiencing an exciting period of growth at this time in our company, and needs to add approximately 600 drivers to our… 0

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