James and Shannon Ozuna Get Their CDLs

Congratulations to the Ozunas! California Career School would like to formally congratulate James and Shannon Ozuna on their recent achievement of obtaining their CDLs. They are one of many other husband and wife students CCS has trained. The couple took a moment of their time to share their experience with us.

As to the reasoning behind choosing to attend CCS, James conveys, ” We look at multiple schools prior to CCS and found them to be lacking the profesionalism and positive energy that CCS could provide. We definitely made the right choice!”

” I was pleasantly surprised with how much I was taught. Other schools did not offer as much training and hands on experience with the driving or truck its self. CCS really helped prepare me for what I would be facing in the industry. A much higher pass rate than other schools,” Shannon replied in response to what surprised her most about the school.

“Good professional people interested in your success,” is what James found to be the most valuable asset of California Career School. Shannon relays, “Helping students succeed!,” is what she found most valuable.

In terms of the future, the couple plans to secure a team driving position.

Interview with Mitchell Ulmer

Congratulations to Mitchell Ulmer! Mitchell was able to recently acquire his CDL at our Twentynine Palms location. He took a moment of his time to share his experience at California Career School with us.  

Why did you choose CCS? Was there an obvious advantage or anything specific that made CCS stand out in some way?

“I selected CCS because of the conduct that I had with Ward (our 29 Palms instructor) on base while in the Marine Corps on several occassions if it had not been for his effort in pursuing service members I would have not been convinced to enroll.”

Were there any challenges you were facing and what did you want your training to help you do?

“The hardest situation I had with this school was simply not finding out about it sooner. Had I found out about it sooner, I would have gotten my CDL sooner.”

Describe a moment that stands out about your training.

“The day when I learned to drive to the trailer where I needed to go thanks to Ward and Bailey.”

What words would you use to describe instructor’s teaching style?

“Perfect for Marines!”

Was there anything during your experience with CCS that was surprising or unexpected?

“The instructor’s willingness to drive success and not [accept] failure.”

What is it that we do as a school that you’ve found to be most valuable?

“Tireless dedication to students…”

What’s your overall opinion of your experience with CCS?

“Best school I have had the priviledge to attend.”

What are your plans now that you have completed your training?

“My plans are to go work for IPS.”

Is there anything that someone who is trying to choose a school should kniow about CCS?

“They have the amazing ability to be flexible with your schedule.”

Again, we would like to congratulate Mitchell on his outstanding acheivement and wish him all the best for the future!

Heath Sparks Gets His CDL

 photo Sparks-Heath1_zpsd640e966.png

Congratualtions to our recent graduate, Heath Sparks, on obtaining his CDL!  He took a moment of his time to share with us a little about his experience at California Career School.

“Working together to learn how to accomplish all tasks. Very impressed with knowledge of instructors…”, is what stands out most to Heath in regards to our training.

We asked Heath, what he felt was most surprising in terms of his training experience at CCS? He replied, “hands-on training.” Our instructors work quite closely with each student to make sure that they are receiving any type of support they need.

He also offered some advise to any future students. Heath shared, “Most jobs are requesting CDL drivers and this will definitely help. Ward [our 29 Palms instructor] had set up and taken us to job fairs. Deeply appreciated.”

Heath was able to meet one-on-one with Integrated Production Services at a presentation set up by Calfironia Career School, which in turn transpired into a job for him.

IPS has created a unique Marine Corps Training Program soley for recently seperated, motivated, and qualified former Marines (ALL MOS’S) interested in a career in the Oil and Gas Industry to become Drivers and Equipment Operators.

Our employers, placement coordinator, and instructors all partner together to ensure we present our students with the best employment opportunities possible. IPS in turn works with California Career School to supply positions  for our transitioning military students. Consequently, Heath was able to take advantage of this opportunity.

We would again like to congratulate Heath and wish him all the best for the future!

Michael Edrosa Shares His Training Experience

Michael Edrosa is a recent graduate of California Career School who was able to obtain his CDL. Michael took some time to shed light on his experience with us.

On why he chose to attend CCS, Michael notes, “I went to [another school] first. Let me tell you I’m so glad I made the change to go to CCS. I couldn’t have been this successful if I stayed with [the other school].”

“So much drive time which helped when it was testing time at the DMV,” is what Michael relays was most surprising about his training with the school, “…our trainer Robert gave us excellent help throughout the whole thing.”

To describe his overall opinion of California Career School, Michael says, “Awesome!”

In terms of his future plans, Michael is currently going through the final stages of gaining employment through May Trucking.

We would like to congratulate Michael on his outstanding achievement and wish him all the best in the future!

Pre-hired Before Completing

 photo Dale-Tremayne_zps8ddc3193.jpg

Tremayne Dale is a recent graduate of CCS who was able to land a job at Integrated Production Services (IPS) prior to even completing his training. He took a moment to share his experience at CCS with us.  

Tremayne relayed he chose to train at California Career School because of the, “Passing rate at DMV, job placement, and overall structure of the school. Attention to detail and team concept above any school. Instructions were laid out perfectly.”

“Confidence and trust the instructors have in their students,” he shared, was what stood out to him the most during his training. On his instructor’s teaching styles, he denotes they were, “Knowledgeable, passionate, and consistent.”

Tremayne details that what he was most surprised about is the placement assistance that was offered to him. He says, “…I was just expecting to get my CDL not the assistance for job placement, which was a great added bonus!” Our placement coordinator worked closely with Tremayne to help him attain a position at IPS and go to work after completing the program.

We would like to congratulate Tremayne on getting his CDL and for getting a position at IPS. We wish him nothing but the best for the future!

Timothy Gaddis Reaches Success


Timothy Gaddis is a proud recent graduate of  California Career School. Timothy took a moment to share his experience with us.

“…Heard through buddies [it had] great training, great staff, [and] fun to be around,” says Timothy on why he chose CCS.

When Gaddis described his training he relayed, “My confidence level at the beginning was down but with help and support I received from staff I’ve come a long way and now [feel] comfortable operating rigs. Parallel park[ing], just couldn’t achieve it, Bailey (one of our 29 Palms instructors) worked 3 hours until I had it down.”

“Flexibility with schedule,” is what he says he finds most valuable about the school. CCS offers flexibility with training in regards to accommodating to a hectic military schedule. We offer training schedules that include nights and weekends so that our students can properly train.

As for his future, Gaddis shares, “Get out of [the] Marines, move, take over [the] world one truck/mile at a time.”

We want to wish Timothy all the best of luck and congratulate him on his outstanding achievement of obtaining his CDL.

Daniel Sivak Gains New Skills

We wanted to take a moment and congratulate one of our recent graduates, Daniel Sivak. Through his perseverance he was able to acquire his class A license. Daniel took the time to share his experience at California Career School with us.

On why he chose CCS Daniel comments, “Given some of the feedback coming from other trucking schools and the positive feedback coming from the students and graduates from CCS, it made me feel safe coming to CCS for my CDL. CCS is hands-on from the beginning and is self paced which works best for most individuals that are active duty.”

With any success come challenges. Daniel notes that a challenge he faced was, “Leaving the military I wanted something concrete and solid to fall back on. Having a CDL and lifelong job placement was exactly the safety net I was looking for.”

In describing his instructor’s teaching style, he entailed that it was, “Very hands on and [they are] at your side when you need it.” Our instructors put every effort into accommodating to students’ needs and ensuring that they are successful.

“Finish active duty then find a company to work for through CCS job placement,” says Daniel in regards to his plans for the future.

CCS would like to congratulate Daniel in his accomplishments and wish him all the best for the future!

Nicolas Delgado Gets His CDL

Nicolas Delgado recently received his class A license through our Anaheim location. We wanted to congratulate him and have him share a bit of his experience.

On why he chose California Career School, Nicolas comments, ” It was close to home and [had a] small class with more hands on [training].”

He notes that during his training his biggest obstacle was,  “Not being able to drive stick shift, but class taught everything.” Our instructors work hands on with each student to ensure that they are prepared to acquire their CDL. Nicolas further comments that during his training he noticed, ” How each teacher can adapt to students’ needs and focus with them in that area of training.”

“Well presented, excellent teaching style, never gave up on students,” says Nicolas in terms of his instructor’s teaching style. He relays that what he finds most valuable about CCS is, “Teachers not giving up on students and being here for all their needs.”

“Good school to go to for class A license. [I] would definitely suggest and recommend…it’s an excellent school,” Nicolas details to any prospective students.

Once again, we’d like to formerly congratulate Nicolas on obtaining his CDL and wish him all the best for the future!



Interview with William Haynes

William Haynes is a recent graduate of ours who was ably to successfully acquire his CDL through our Twentynine Palms location. We asked William to take a moment and reflect on his experience at California Career School.

Why did you choose CCS? Was there anything specific that made CCS stand out in some way?

“CCS is very military friendly. They worked with my schedule and did everything possible to make me successful.”

Were there any challenges you were facing

“I was close to leaving the military and didn’t have any specific plans. This school gave me the training and skills I need[ed] to be successful in a growing [i]ndustry.”

What is a moment that stands out in your training?

“Riding with Ward [my instructor] listening to his little tricks. ‘Clutch to neutral, clutch to gear’ and ‘the trailer where you’re going, the trailer where you’re going.’”

What helped you the most during your training?

“I listened to Ward and relied on my training and powered through.”

What three words best describe your instructor?

“Insightful, helpful, masterful.”

What is a revelation you had during your training at CCS?

“[That] you drive the trailer, and not the truck.”

What is it that we do as a school that you’ve found to be the most valuable?

“Having all the trucks in the yard to practice pre-trip or skills even when the truck is out on the road.”

What is your overall opinion of your experience with CCS?


What are your future plans now that you have completed your training?

“Move to Texas.”

Is there anything that someone who is trying to choose a school should know about CCS?

“They are the best school in Southern California.”

We want to congratulate William in his accomplishment of getting his class A license, and wish him all the best in his future endeavors!





Upcoming Employer Meet

California Career School is pleased to announce that we will be hosting an employer meet with Integrated Production Services on Friday, December 21st from 1400- 1600 and on Saturday, December 22nd from 1100-1300.

Integrated Production Services is seeking dependable former Marines that have their class A CDL.

CCS partners with IPS to train military men and women in obtaining their CDL and is TA/VA approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Interviews will be held with the IPS recruiting manager at the event, as well as opportunities to fill out applications. Potential job offers will also be presented to attendees.

Come out and explore all that Integrated Production Services has to offer! We promise you will not be disappointed.

For more information on the event, please contact our placement coordinator at (714) 635-6585.