Pre-hired Before Completing

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Tremayne Dale is a recent graduate of CCS who was able to land a job at Integrated Production Services (IPS) prior to even completing his training. He took a moment to share his experience at CCS with us.  

Tremayne relayed he chose to train at California Career School because of the, “Passing rate at DMV, job placement, and overall structure of the school. Attention to detail and team concept above any school. Instructions were laid out perfectly.”

“Confidence and trust the instructors have in their students,” he shared, was what stood out to him the most during his training. On his instructor’s teaching styles, he denotes they were, “Knowledgeable, passionate, and consistent.”

Tremayne details that what he was most surprised about is the placement assistance that was offered to him. He says, “…I was just expecting to get my CDL not the assistance for job placement, which was a great added bonus!” Our placement coordinator worked closely with Tremayne to help him attain a position at IPS and go to work after completing the program.

We would like to congratulate Tremayne on getting his CDL and for getting a position at IPS. We wish him nothing but the best for the future!

Marine Orlando Rivera Gets His CDL

Orlando Rivera chose California Career School to obtain his commercial truck driver’s license. On why he chose the school Orlando says, “I have several of my co-workers who attend and they had nothing but good feedback, also they all were employed by the help from CCS.” He further adds, ” Re-enlisting wasn’t a solid option for me, so I decided to have a transferable skill that would increase my chances of employment outside of the service.”

“When I went to the DMV and saw other schools operate on the skills portion at the DMV, CCS out performed everyone out there”, says Orlando about having a moment that stood out during his training.

Orlando also shares the experience he had while training at our Twentynine Palms location. “Fair, firm, accurate”, describes Rivera regarding his instructor’s teaching style. “The hands on teaching and flexible training hours make it possible to complete the course in a timely manner.”

He further details, “It was great fun and a professional environment, one that anyone can learn in. It’s military friendly and [their] pass rates are the best in the region.”

We would like to congratulate Orlando on his accomplishment and wish him all the best for the future!

Daniel Sivak Gains New Skills

We wanted to take a moment and congratulate one of our recent graduates, Daniel Sivak. Through his perseverance he was able to acquire his class A license. Daniel took the time to share his experience at California Career School with us.

On why he chose CCS Daniel comments, “Given some of the feedback coming from other trucking schools and the positive feedback coming from the students and graduates from CCS, it made me feel safe coming to CCS for my CDL. CCS is hands-on from the beginning and is self paced which works best for most individuals that are active duty.”

With any success come challenges. Daniel notes that a challenge he faced was, “Leaving the military I wanted something concrete and solid to fall back on. Having a CDL and lifelong job placement was exactly the safety net I was looking for.”

In describing his instructor’s teaching style, he entailed that it was, “Very hands on and [they are] at your side when you need it.” Our instructors put every effort into accommodating to students’ needs and ensuring that they are successful.

“Finish active duty then find a company to work for through CCS job placement,” says Daniel in regards to his plans for the future.

CCS would like to congratulate Daniel in his accomplishments and wish him all the best for the future!

Joshua Campbell Accomplishes Getting His CDL

Joshua Campbell was able to acquire his class A license recently at our Twentynine Palms location thanks to California Career School.  Joshua comments that he was able to succeed, “Because CCS coordinates with the Marine Corps and works around your own schedule.” We make every effort we can to accommodate to our students’ needs and schedules.

CCS was also able to help Joshua achieve his long term goal. On his plans for the future, Joshua says the school helped, “To further my future career goals to becoming a diesel truck driver.” He further specifies that his plans include, “… get[ting] my automotive, diesel, and industrial tech certs and finding a diesel tow truck driver job.”

To describe the instructor’s teaching style Joshua details, “Blunt and straightforward in a good way.” Our instructors work hands on with each student to help them obtain their licenses.

Commenting on his experience at CCS, Joshua says, “Awesome! I am recommending it to everyone I work with. It is worth the time and effort.”

Congratulations Joshua! We wish you all the best for the future.

Collin Ayers Smith Chooses CCS

“I chose CCS because of the schedule flexibility and based off of the school’s reputation,” said Collin Smith, recent graduate from our commercial truck driver program. Collin had a few things to share about his experience at our school.

“I wanted to know more about the trucking industry and learn how to operate large tractor-trailers.” At CCS, students get to drive industry standard equipment. Employers prefer hiring those that learned on 10 speed transmissions driving trailers from 48 to 53 feet long. Collin told us that what stood out the most during training was, “When I realized that one must drive the trailer more so than the tractor. [...] Driving on the road was the trickiest for me. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but with more practice and stick time I became comfortable on the road.”

What was most valuable to Collin? “Understanding that Marines sometimes don’t have a predictable schedule and the school is willing to work with our unpredictable hours of operation.” Every week, we talk to our active duty students about their schedule so that we can make sure that his or her duties always come first. If we have to write a letter to show to your command, we’ll get one ready. California Career School prides itself in serving our military men and women as they get ready to leave their duties and enter the civilian life. Students not only get to set their own schedule– they also have the opportunity of having military benefits fund their education.

“I will recommend this school to anyone who is serious about starting or furthering their career in trucking. [...] It’s an easy going, no pressure, learning environment that is suitable for all learning styles and personalities,” he shared.

Right now, Collin plans to drive part time while he attends flight school. Once again, we’d like to congratulate Collin for successfully getting his class A CDL. We wish him well in all of his future endeavors!

David Campos Chooses CCS for CDL Training

David Campos just got his class A license from our Twentynine Palms training site. We wanted to congratulate him on his success on the course. “I chose CCS because a Marine that I served with said that they were very professional. I met with both schools’ (***** and CCS) instructors and Ward was way more enthusiastic about CCS. I really sensed that he was passionate about teaching. [...] I explained to Ward that I was very interested about obtaining my CDL. He wanted to sign me up right then and there but I had to go on another deployment. He said that was fine– just get back in touch with him as soon as I get back. 7 months later I got back in touch with Ward and then a month and a half later, I now have my class A license.”

David got minus zero points, a perfect score, on his DMV skills test

“Learning how to shift [was difficult]. I went back to my barracks pretty annoyed that I couldn’t shift gears at all. I was sitting in my chair and I had this pole. I pretended that I was in the cab and just started going through the shifting patterns,” he said, adding that, “Garrette and Andrew sat down with me and explained parallel parking using a toy truck.”

At the school, David shared, the most valuable thing for him was that, “[they] have the ability to hold the student/instructor friendship. [...] Come to CCS for the most professional course possible. They don’t give up on their students.”

David always had a positive attitude in training and we hope he does well now that he has his class A license. He will be returning to Texas and getting his hazmat endorsement there. Again, congratulations David!

Student Interview with Jesus Cardenas

We’d like to share a short interview we had with commercial truck and bus graduate Jesus Cardenas. Check out what he has to say about his experience here at CCS!

Why did you choose CCS?
“[Y]ou get more out of the program than any other school I knew of out there.”

What was your biggest challenge?
“I was about to get out of the military in a few months! I got everything in time thanks to my instructor.”

Describe a moment that stands out about your training.
“The drive test at the DMV!”

How would you describe your instructor’s teaching style and approach?
“Aggressive in a good way– right techniques– being there with you at all times.”

Was there anything during your experience that was surprising or unexpected?
“Yeah! Getting job placement.”

What is it that we do as a school that you’ve found to be the most valuable?
“Giving opportunities to its students for future employment.”

What is your overall opinion of your experience with CCS?
“It was very good. I really appreciate what CCS does for its military as well as civilian students.”

What are your plans now that you have completed your training?
“Getting started with IPS!”

Is there anything else that you would like to share with someone who is thinking of getting trained at CCS?
“Yes. They will get the best training out there! They will notice when they go to the DMV.”

We’d like to again give a big congratulations to Jesus for successfully getting his class A and passenger endorsement. Like he mentioned, Jesus secured a job in the oil industry using his new license in Houston, TX. We wish him well in all of his future endeavors!

Jesus Ruiz Achieves His Accomplishments

Jesus Ruiz got his commercial truck driver’s license from our Twentynine Palms training site and we wanted to congratulate him on his success in the course!

“I chose CCS because I had very good feedback from prior students and [they] work awesome with the military. [...] I wanted a hands on training school [to] further my experience as a trucker in the Marines and continue as a civilian,” said Jesus.

He described his instructors as, “fun, respectful, knowledgeable.” During training, we make sure that each student is able to get the attention that he or she needs. When driving over the road, it’s just you, the instructor and three other students.

“I found that no matter what, the student comes first and I respect that,” Jesus went on. “I had a great time learning [and] driving and the security that I was leaving here with a license.”

Jesus wanted to share how he felt about his training to prospective students. He told us, “I really enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment whenever I passed a skill or verbal exam– but the best moment was when I passed at the DMV. [...] It’s a great place, instructors are awesome, and if you’re in the military, attend this school [and] have something to fall back on!”

Once again, we’d like to congratulate Jesus for his success in the course! We wish him well is all of his future endeavors!

Michael Waldron III Gets CDL and Passenger Endorsement

Michael Waldron III graduated from our commercial truck driving course and received his CDL and passenger endorsement. He shared a few things with us about how his training went.

He talked to us about the moments that stood out for him. “Gotta be the skills course,” he said. “They walked me around it, showed me with the toy truck, three times around I did my test and passed before I went to the DMV.” Before taking the final exam at the DMV CDL office, CCS students must pass with us. Students will not be sent to the DMV until they are ready.

What Michael found difficult was what he calls “5 point boredom,” or the 5 point pre-trip. “To overcome it, do it a couple times, walk around, sit [...], go back and repeat,” he shared, was his biggest challenge. To safely drive trucks, drivers must regularly perform pre-trip inspections to the highest standards. These inspections are long and must be demonstrated and recited verbatim to DMV examiners.

For Michael, the most valuable part of training was the learning pace and that, “when [you] need help, [instructors] are right there.” His overall opinion of CCS was one with pleased, spirited language that we cannot share here! He leaves us with this: “it’s an awesome school with awesome instructors with real world trucks, trailers, and practice routes. It’s even accredited [...] and there’s multiple trucking companies that mainly hire CCS grads.”

Once again, congratulations to Michael for getting his commercial class A license complete with a passenger endorsement. He plans to also pursue welding training while working out in West Virginia. Once again, we wish him well in all of his future endeavors!

Graduate Lands Work Immediately Despite Being Away On Duties

“I wanted to take this course in order to have a skilled job upon my separation from the Marine Corps,” shared trucking graduate Dewey Brown. We want to congratulate him on his recent success here at California Career School now that he has his commercial truck driver’s license.

Dewey also told us a few things about his training. “I was in the truck and I misjudged the distance from the curb. My instructor jumped up and grabbed the wheel and corrected me,” he said. Moments like these are just a part of hands-on training.

“After I had started the course, my command recalled me for duty. I was not able to come to the course for three weeks. Fortunately, I was able to pick up where I left off and finished the course,” described Dewey. Active duty military students are offered flexible scheduling as well as the ability to request extensions– we understand that military duties come first and that sometimes students must be away for weeks at time. The course is designed to enable students like Dewey to continue training even after being away.

“Not only do you help get the CDL, but you also help us find a job,” Dewey said about CCS. “I was very satisfied with the course. [...] I have a job with IPS and will be going to work in North Dakota.”

Dewey only had two short words to share with others thinking of getting their CDL at CCS: “Do it.”

Once again, we want to congratulate Dewey on not only successfully getting his CDL but also for landing a job so quickly with IPS. We wish him well in all of his future endeavors!