Trip Check California – How Vital Is This For Truck Drivers Everywhere

For any truck driver these days, a trip check California, is definitely a good idea before getting on the road. There are many bad things that can go wrong with your big rig if you don’t take the time to check it out thoroughly before leaving.

There are many different things that you need to check because if you don’t, then you may get on the road and end up with a big disaster. This can cause delays and that will mean more problems for you that you don’t need.

Many problems that could happen when out on the road can be avoided if you take time check everything over completely. Some of the problems that could occur could end up causing a bad accident and this needs to be avoided at all cost.

To help you get started with your checklist of things to check out, here are some of the most important things to always look at before leaving.

One: The first thing you want to do is to go back over the previous vehicle inspection reports. You are looking for anything that was marked as needing repairs. If any are found then take the time to double check and be sure that the repairs were done.

Two: The second thing to do is to go over your semi truck or tractor trailer thoroughly to look for any damages. Make note of any that are found so they can be fixed before leaving.

Three: Always take time to look under your big rig to look for signs of any fresh oil, grease, coolant or fuel leaks. If any are found then you want to have these repaired immediately so there are no problems on the road from them.

Four: Do a daily check no matter where you are to be sure that everything is in good condition. This will prevent break downs and will also help to prevent any accidents that may happen to due not checking your semi truck on a regular basis.

Some of the different things that need to be checked daily include:

– Lubrication oil
– Air compressor
– Slack adjusters
– Water
– Fuel
– Air brake system
– Air cleaner
– Mechanical brakes
– Lights
– Shift controls
– Tires
– electrical starting system
– automatic transmission
– Ammeter
– Windshield wipers
– Clutch pedal
– Warning stickers
– Horn

Get in the habit of checking these on a daily basis and you will be able to easily and quickly spot any potential problems.

Now that you understand how vital the trip check California really is, you need to take time to check your big rig over before getting on the road. Go over your big rig thoroughly because this is the best way to prevent problems and the best way to keep everyone on the road safe from accidents.