US Marine Gets CDL in Time from Southern California Truck Driving School

We want to congratulate another US Marine who attended our Truck Driving School in Southern California for passing her CDL test on the first try.  Connie is very special to us because she was from Camp Pendleton and we love helping US Marines.  She actually was granted a full scholarship to attend our Truck Driving School in Southern California because she was not eligible for Tuition Assistance.  We had hundreds of US Marines use their Tuition Assistance program to attend our California Career School just this past year with a 96% success rate of receiving a real career after separating out of the military with no previous training or experience.

Semper Fi,

Connie wrote us the following letter:

“I wanted to get my CDL because it’s what I know. I grew up around trucks and equipment and I’m a mechanic in the Marine Corps. My Grandma is a truck driver and drives long hauls with her husband as team. Just recently my Grandpa had surgery and isn’t able to drive like he used to, so my Grandma is counting on me to help her drive across country when needed. I also have a job lined up helping my cousin drive his truck so I wanted to be able go to school and help my Grandparents when needed and not worry about losing my job.

I heard about ************** and started taking their courses. I would go at lunch time to do the class time and then I was driving on Saturdays. I tried to attend driving classes during the week but they were usually gone by the time I got off work. I felt like I was imposing on them by asking them to come in on Saturdays. One day I ran into one of the instructors that used to work there and he asked if I was still going through the course with **************. I told him that I was having difficulty getting drive time based on my schedule. He then told me that they changed the rules and you now have to have 200 hours before you can take the DMV test and that I should check out California Career Schools.

I was pretty discouraged at that point and thought I might have to wait until I got to Texas and practice on my Grandma’s truck. I realized I really needed to get my license before I went on terminal because my Grandma hasn’t had an income for a while and she is counting on me to drive with her as soon as I get back home.

Although I was discouraged, I contacted California Career School and they told me that they could develop an accelerated training plan for me and that I could obtain my CDL before I went home. To make a long story short, California Career School lived up to their promise and reputation and I obtained my CDL last week on my first try with a very high score.

I would wholeheartedly recommend California Career School to any military personnel who is interested in obtaining their CDL. After attending both programs, I can say that the CCS program is a better program.”

Connie Fowler

P.S. Connie was not eligible for Tuition Assistance and did not have any money to pay for this program, so California Career School gave her a scholarship that covered all of her training expenses. Good luck helping your grandma drive the family trucks Connie!