What Are The Essential Requirements To Become A Commercial Truck Driver?

Do you dream of traveling for your career? If you do, then becoming a commercial truck driver could be the perfect career choice for you. It is a smart idea to know what the essential requirements are before pursuing a career as a truck driver.

These requirements need to be met before you will be able to start driving a truck and enjoying your new career on the road. Here are the most important requirements that you need to be aware of if you are serious about becoming a truck driver.

One: Academic requirements – These days there are not a lot of academic requirements needed. You just need to have your high school diploma or your GED.

Two: Maintain good driving record – In order to become a professional truck driver you have to always maintain a good, clean driving record. You don’t want any tickets or convictions for driving when you shouldn’t be.

If you have these on your record than you will find that it is very difficult to become a truck driver. Drivers have to have a clean record because they will be responsible for getting important shipments to many different places and the clean driving records assure that they will do what they can to get it there safely and professionally.

Plus, trucking companies don’t want to trust someone with a bad driving record with their expensive and large vehicle for many reasons.

Three: CDL license – You have to get your commercial driver’s license if you want to drive a truck that is more than 26,000 pounds. Getting your permit is the first step and to do this you need to be able to show that you understand the rules of the road and that you can correctly maneuver the big rig.

It will also be important that you can pass the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations exam that is administered by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Along with passing a hearing and vision test to make sure you can safely drive the big rig.

Be prepared also to take periodic drug tests and pass them also or you won’t be able to be a truck driver.

These are the most essential requirements that you must be aware of if you are serious about becoming a commercial truck driver. You can easily become a truck driver and learn how to do all of these things with the right training from the right truck driving school.