Interview with William Haynes

William Haynes is a recent graduate of ours who was ably to successfully acquire his CDL through our Twentynine Palms location. We asked William to take a moment and reflect on his experience at California Career School.

Why did you choose CCS? Was there anything specific that made CCS stand out in some way?

“CCS is very military friendly. They worked with my schedule and did everything possible to make me successful.”

Were there any challenges you were facing

“I was close to leaving the military and didn’t have any specific plans. This school gave me the training and skills I need[ed] to be successful in a growing [i]ndustry.”

What is a moment that stands out in your training?

“Riding with Ward [my instructor] listening to his little tricks. ‘Clutch to neutral, clutch to gear’ and ‘the trailer where you’re going, the trailer where you’re going.'”

What helped you the most during your training?

“I listened to Ward and relied on my training and powered through.”

What three words best describe your instructor?

“Insightful, helpful, masterful.”

What is a revelation you had during your training at CCS?

“[That] you drive the trailer, and not the truck.”

What is it that we do as a school that you’ve found to be the most valuable?

“Having all the trucks in the yard to practice pre-trip or skills even when the truck is out on the road.”

What is your overall opinion of your experience with CCS?


What are your future plans now that you have completed your training?

“Move to Texas.”

Is there anything that someone who is trying to choose a school should know about CCS?

“They are the best school in Southern California.”

We want to congratulate William in his accomplishment of getting his class A license, and wish him all the best in his future endeavors!