Wyatt Bates Sets New Goal

Wyatt Bates came to CCS to get his commercial truck driver’s license– it improved his resume, especially since he was leaving his military position as a diesel mechanic. “I was getting out of the USMC,” he told us. “I saw CCS as a good opportunity to build my resume, or have another career option.”

Wyatt described his instructors as, “hands on, knowledgeable, easy to approach.” His most memorable training moment was, “The first time I got to drive a rig – on my birthday.”

Wyatt has left California in pursuit of even more training. Right now, he shared with us, “[I plan to] go to UTI in PA and get a part time trucking job while I’m in school. Within 10 years I would like to start my own trucking company.”

“[CCS helps] veterans find great career opportunities,” Wyatt added. “Do it! You’ll thank yourself later.”

Once again, we want to congratulate Wyatt on his successful completion of his CDL in our Twentynine Palms contract training location. We wish him well and we hope to see his trucking company start up in the next couple of years!