Zachary Baker Graduates from Twentynine Palms
CCS Picture 055

Zachary Baker just graduated from our Twentynine Palms training site. At the DMV, he told us, “I was all ready to go—all my belongings in my car.” Zachary found out about us at TAP class. TAP class stands for “Transition Assistance Program” and is intended for individuals like Zach who will be leaving the Marines soon. Our trucking class was presented and he thought, “Why not go and try and better myself?” and “Well, that sounds like a good thing!”


He was nervous about his final test since he had planned to immediately take off. “I was scared, I thought I was going to fail.” However, with the teachings of his instructor, the test was no problem. “[My instructor] was always trying to teach us. He never stopped talking,” Zachary laughed.

Right now he is in Michigan waiting for his California CDL to transfer over. He has been applying for jobs and is about to begin working with the CCS placement department to see what else is out there.

Once again, we want to congratulate Zachary for his successful completion of the course and we hope to work together with him to find just the right job that he’s looking for!